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Starting from the forest, through the production of pulp and paper, to the process of converting to paper bags, and to the last stage of recycling the paper pulp and the paper industry has been keen to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Originating from wood, a natural renewable resource, our paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable.


What if you were given the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference? And finding new ways to create a better future, JOIN US!

This is your opportunity to be part our team, we are a global leading company in paper sack and packaging products. Shuaiba Industrial Company are known for our commitment to the environment and to cutting-edge technology. We have spent more than 100 years creating new ideas, and we are looking for people who can collaborate to help us build on our history, while creating future success. We are committed to attract, promoting and supporting our teams. At International Paper, you control your destiny. We offer benefits, challenges and great opportunities which will give you an infinite possibilities of growth.

Connecting Talents and Opportunities at SIC.

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