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New perspective in paper packaging industry

Shuaiba Theme - SIC-UAE

Company Overview

Shuaiba Industrial Company is always committed to preserve the environment and believes in ensuring practices that conforms to international and local environmental standards.













Shuaiba Industrial Company is the first paper packaging manufacturer in Kuwait to be awarded HACCP certification from DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS) and holding Kuwait Environmental certificate, Kuwait Quality Mark, and ISO 9001:2000 Certificates. Therefore, all international standard requirements are fulfilled in importing raw material, manufacturing and exporting goods.


Today, we recognize that a more formalized, goal-driven approach to managing our impact on the environment must be part of our story going forward. SIC relies on natural resources to manufacture many of its products, and we have an interest in developing sustainable practices and preserving the environment for future generations. More energy-efficient manufacturing also saves money, which in turn contributes to profitable growth and life values.

Define product competencies

Analyze paper quality production

On-time delivery method

Apply paper quality standards

Measure success

In order to help remain competitive within our own industry, Industrial Packaging is committed to lowering packaging costs. We accomplish this by:


Representing the best vendors, who provide leading edge technologies at the most competitive pricing.


Designing systems that maximize output, minimize labor costs and minimize material costs. Optimizing the efficiencies of our existing packaging lines to maximize uptime and virtually eliminate rewraps and repackaging.


Supporting our packaging equipment with our well qualified, long tenured, experienced service technicians and parts department personnel. They understand the true packaging cost of the product being down.

Our brand promise

A Leading paper packaging manufacturer all over Middle East Region

rated as one of the largest paper bags/ sacks producer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. At present, the customer base is spread over more than 26 countries, with these exports accounting for almost 50% of total sales, which is in line with the management's objectives to maintain SIC's share in the global markets in spite of tough competition.

As an efficient organization, Shuaiba Industrial Company has earned a reputation for producing a wide range of superior quality products, we can :

⚬ Increase Productivity with the ability of our high end and huge production machines

⚬ We develop quality management to improve the ISO 9002 standards

⚬ Producing new customized paper bags to meet clients requirements

⚬ Supplying an industrial efficiency to the domestic and international markets

⚬ Boost an international global market recognition in paper packaging industry

Areas of Specialization


New technology makes Shuaiba Industrial paper manufacturing more safe & efficient;


With innovation on the rise in today’s marketplace, paper bags manufacturing is catching up and finally reinvent itself for perfection. Our company offers  the 21st century  more efficient paper production with a better variety of customizable options. Best of all, our factory is located at Jebel Ali Free Zone, which means more jobs, protection of intellectual property, less carbon emissions, and guaranteed ethical sourcing.


Our production process allows for customizable bag shapes, which means freedom from stock sizes and a broad range of unique styles and details. We offer the flexibility to print on a variety of substrates including specialty papers.


We house our own state-of-the-art printers capable of full-color, water-based flexographic print. Our high speed, precise registration and exceptional color control is capable of processing the most demanding photographic quality. Full in-line slitting gives the option of printed flat handles and patches, providing an opportunity for more purposeful design.


Food-safe packaging print remains a prime concern for product manufacturers and retailers, as well as form packaging suppliers. It is a complex topic, involving a broad regulatory base for food packaging; the many available choices of printing/imaging technologies and the inks and varnishes that they employ in delivering on-pack branding and labelling. Shuaiba Industrial Company has the integrity we must retain in every level of production and packaging chain.


We go above and beyond required levels to be an ethical and sustainable paper bags manufacturing. As such, we are in the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2015, BRC



We encourage our valued clients to have a  tour of our State-of-the-Art facility any time to show how we are actively infusing innovation into an updated industry in setting new standards in paper packaging solutions.



Committed to satisfy by our..

SIC is rated as one of the largest paper bags/sacks producer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and has a minimum output production capacity of 1,125,000 bags per day at 3 different locations.

Viz: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Business Focus
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