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This is our discussion board forum and we welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas, or help by posting text messages. This forum will help us improve and develop more of detailed about the company activities, tips and ideas. Toss out things you come across about our company experience  with things that you haven’t used or that are old and ready to go. Once you’re done posting about your experience beauty and lightness will fill your life and you will be so glad you did it!  

Online community

Forum etiquette

Below is a short list of forum etiquette that should be followed when using any online forum.


Behave the same way you would when talking to people in real-life. Avoid chat slang. When creating a new post, create a short descriptive subject for the topic of or reason for the post. Try your best to spell all words correctly and use proper punctuation, however, also realize that no one is perfect.


 Tip: Improve your spelling by using a browser spell check tools. Give your post some time to get responses or answers to the question. Continuously bumping a message or nagging other members to respond does not help and is usually frowned upon. Do not WRITE IN ALL CAPS as it makes you appear like you're yelling. Read the "Readme first" posts or other sticky posts before creating a new post. Respect all other members on the forum. 

Online community
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